We are pleased to present you the ANT Technology that is used to both quickly repair a highway and to rebuild roads, as well as to build them "from scratch." Our technology will allow you to perform complex tasks, simplify production processes, reduce time and lower costs of construction. The ANT Technology is totally safe for man and nature.

We provide our partners with engineering support, technical training and advice in carrying out laboratory and road construction works at all stages of cooperation.

We will be glad to see you among our partners and we'll assure you a good result!

Anton Negulyaev,
Creator of the ANT Technologies

ANT Stone Roads

The main element of the technology is the ANT Soil Stabilizer. The application of this stabilizer allows to use a new technique to create road bases and surfaces. This technology lowers construction costs, allows the use of low-cost materials, reduces working hours and solves a number of technical challenges.

ANT Cold Regeneration of Asphaltic Concrete

The main element of the technology is the ANT Organo-Mineral Mixture Modifier. The use of the modifier for cold regeneration of asphalt granules (RAP) allows to eliminate the use of a bituminous emulsion or asphalt foam, as well as to reduce the amount of cement. This lowers construction costs, simplifies the production process and reduces working hours.

ANT Hot Regeneration of Asphalt

The main element of the technology is the ANT Organic Regenerator of Asphaltic Concrete. The application of this regenerator allows to use RAP (reclaimed asphalt pavement - правильная расшифровка аббревиатуры) in the amount of 30% to 99.9% of the weight of the asphalt mixture produced.

ANT technologies