ANT Cold Recycling


ANT Cold Recycling

The ANT Cold Recycling, which is developed by our company, allows the use of RAP (milled asphalt) to create road bases and surfaces. The uniqueness of the ANT Technology consists in the rejuvenation of the bitumen film, which is contained in the RAP, and, in that way, a monolithic and resistant material is formed after the compaction of the material. This approach allows to completely eliminate the use of bituminous emulsions and foamed bitumen, also reduce the amount of cement used. This, in turn, allows to reduce the estimated costs of cold regeneration works by more than a half, as well as to solve a number of environmental challenges.

ANT Cold mix modifier

The basic element of the technological process is the agent ANT Cold mix modifier (further ANT Modifier) manufactured by the company ANT-Engineering. It's a complex organic preparation, the action of which is directed to perforiming reactions of reduction-oxidation in RAP (crushed asphalt) at the molecular level.

The ANT Modifier performs a directed reaction of oxidation by means of the impact of molecular oxygen to the surface of the RAP particles. As a result, there occurs a "rejuvenation" of the bitumen film, which allows to obtain a large number of new bitumen contacts after the compaction of the material. Also, owing to the impact of the reaction of reduction-oxidation to the particles of the mineral material, a formation of new mineral bonds takes place, which results in an increase in the strength of the new material.

The ANT Cold mix modifier is completely safe for people and nature, both in a concentrated form and in a water solution. Furthermore, it is neither inflammable nor explosive and can be transported by any means of transport.


How to use the ANT Modifier?

The ANT Modifier is used as a water solution. The required amounts of the ANT Modifier and water are calculated, based on the weight of the RAP. The recommended consumption rate is 0.007% of the RAP weight. The amount of water is calculated, based on the natural humidity of the RAP and its optimal humidity when it is compacted, which is normally 6% - 7%. The necessary amounts of the ANT Modifier and water are mixed in a container and then the water solution prepared is used to execute the works. For example, it will require 100 tons of RAP, 7 liters of the ANT Modifier, 2 ton cement and 20 to 40 tons of water to produce 100 tons of a cold mixture.

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The uniqueness of the ANT Cold Asphalt Regeneration Technology


Environmental Safety

The ANT Modifier is completely safe for man and nature. The application of the technology allows to use RAP (old asphalt) in a volume of 100% during the production of a new cold mixture. The use of a bituminous emulsion and foamed bitumen can be completely eliminated and the use of cement reduced by more than 50% owing to the application of the ANT Modifier.


Lowered Construction Costs

The use of the technology reduces the cost of works by more than 50 % by eliminating the use of bituminous materials, decreasing the quantity of cement used and reducing the time of execution of work.


Universality of the Technology.

The technology allows to combine the compounds of cold mixtures and, consequently, the materials both for the bases of roads, and for their surface layers. The execution of works is possible by using both recyclers and mixing plants.


The Execution of Works in a Non-Stop Mode

Once the cold mixture layer is compacted, you can open the road traffic or proceed to the next stage of road works: the surfacing of the road. It is unnecessary to care for the new layer or stop the traffic.

The analysis of the efficiency of using the ANT Modifier for Cold Asphaltic Concrete Regeneration.

Name of Physical and Mechanical
Property Indicators According to
Russian Technical Standards
Compositions of Cold Regenerated Mixtures
Variant 1
2% Cement / 3% Emulsion / Water
Variant 2
2% Cement / 5% Emulsion / Water
Variant 3
1% Cement / 0,005% ANT / Water
Compression resistence limit Rc,
MPa, at the age of 7 days, at
temperatures of, °С:
Total water saturation in
volume, %
Water resistance coefficient (ratio of strength after total water saturation to dry strength)0,620,860,9

The analysis of the efficiency of using the ANT Modifier along with a bituminous emulsion and cement.

RAP - 100%
Modifield bitumen emulsion - 4% on RAP
ANT - 0,007% on RAP
Cement - 2,5% on RAP
Water - 4% on RAP
Result (28 days)
Name of parameterValue of parameter for composition №
With ANTWithout ANT
Indirect Tensile Stress (ITS) (T=12°C, V=50 mm/min), MPa1,391,12
Marshall Stability (T=60°C, V=50 mm/min), kN29,8618,63
Marshall Flow (T=60°C, V=50 mm/min), mm3,654,12
Modulus (T=15°C, V=50 mm/min), MPa1265976
Avarage Density kg/m22,202,18
Avarage Void Content, %4,055,03
Maximal Structural Strength, MPa2,641,83

The analysis of the economic efficiency of using the ANT Cold Recycling Technology to create 1 kilometer of a road, which is 8 meters wide and 20 cm thick.

Variants of Cold MixtureNumber of Materials Used
Variant 1
Emulsion and Cement

Composition of Materials:
RAP – 100%
Emulsion - 4%
Cement - 2%
Water – 3%
75,2 t150,4 t--110 t
Variant 2
Foamed Bitumen and Cement

Composition of Materials:
RAP – 100 %
Cement – 2 %
Bitumen – 2.5 %
Water - 5%
75,2 t-94 t-188 t
Variant 3
ANT Tecnology

Composition of Materials:
RAP – 100%
Cement - 1%
ANT - 0.005%
Water - 4%
37,6 t--188 l150 t

Variants of road construction works by using the ANT Cold Recycling Technology